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What do you think about turbocharging?

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What do you think about turbocharging?

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Turbocharged engine is indeed more "fragile", and its fragile performance can not use the poor quality of oil, oil has a higher demand. Because the design of the turbocharger is different from the self-contained suction engine, its main shaft is a floating design, the turbine body and the main shaft is filled with oil, the entire main shaft is to rely on lubricants to heat, The But the poor quality of their oil is very high viscosity, rolling less poor, no way to play a good role in heat and lubrication, so turbocharged engine oil is not free to change.

Why the engine after a long high-speed operation, can not immediately turn off?

Turbocharger working speed of up to tens of thousands or even more than 100,000 per minute, it can be said that its working conditions are very harsh, in order to achieve its use requirements, the use of materials and precision requirements are very high, so the price is relatively expensive The When the engine is in operation, a portion of the oil is supplied to the turbocharger rotor bearing for lubrication and for cooling. If the high-speed driving, immediately turn off the engine, the oil pump will stop working, the oil pressure drops rapidly to zero, the supercharger turbine part of the high temperature spread to the middle, the bearing support shell heat can not be quickly taken away, it is easy to damage.

Now, many new turbocharged engines are using electronic pumps, flame can be used after the car battery-powered, so that the pump continues to work to the turbine cooling, so do not need to delay the flame. Although some models may still use mechanical pumps, but with the progress of technology, in most cases the turbine temperature is not particularly high, do not need to delay the flame. But if it is a long time to run high-speed, we must be careful, may be appropriate to delay the flame.

What should we pay attention to when we use a turbocharged engine?
One, after the engine starts, especially in the winter, should let it idle for some time, so that the supercharger rotor high-speed operation before the lubricating oil to fully lubricate the bearing. So just after the start can not thunder throttle, to prevent damage to the supercharger oil seal.

Two, the use of high grade oil, often check.Many of the "T" models of the owner encountered the case of burning oil, in fact, a large part of the owners because the owner did not replace the oil on time, or the use of inferior oil, resulting in floating turbine main shaft can not be normal lubrication and heat, Damage the turbocharger and the intake pipe between the seals, resulting in oil spills.

Due to the high viscosity of poor oil, poor mobility, can not play a better role. It is recommended that the owner in this regard to increase the input to the vehicle to replace the synthetic oil.

Three, regular inspection, to maintain the situation.If in use, there are some abnormal phenomena, such as acceleration weakness, serious oil consumption and other phenomena, should go to 4S shop as soon as possible to repair, so as to avoid the situation of parts damage.