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What is the difference between turbocharging and natural inspiration?

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What is the difference between turbocharging and natural inspiration?

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Many friends to buy a car when there will be such a experience, car sales staff in the introduction of a car power system often say that this car is equipped with a large displacement of the turbocharged engine or naturally aspirated engine, but many New car friends do not know what is the difference between the two, or turbocharged engine and naturally aspirated engine which is better, today let Xiaobian to bring you to understand what is the turbocharged engine and what Is the natural suction engine, both of them in the end what are the advantages and disadvantages.

First what is a turbocharged engine
The turbocharged engine is actually an air compressor. It is the use of engine exhaust emissions as a driving force to promote the turbine chamber turbine operation, the turbine and drive the coaxial impeller, the impeller to compress the air filter pipe sent fresh air, and then into the cylinder. When the engine speed, exhaust speed and turbine speed is also synchronized to speed up, the degree of air compression can be increased, the engine into the corresponding increase in the volume, you can increase the engine output power, and the horse's horsepower also increased Big.

What is a naturally aspirated engine

Naturally aspirated engine is the pressure of the cylinder will be outside the air into the cylinder inside, do not use forced intake device, that is, in the process of walking down the piston, resulting in a vacuum. At this time the outside world pressure is greater than the pressure inside the cylinder, the air from the big pressure into the small pressure inside the cylinder. So called natural breathing.

The advantages of turbocharged engine (ie, naturally aspirated engine shortcomings)

First, high efficiency, strong power. The same displacement of the car, turbocharged engine can compress more air, increase fuel injection, fuel more fully, bring the most direct impact is greater horsepower, more power.

Second, emissions control, improve fuel economy, reduce emissions. As the fuel is relatively adequate, emissions control, the turbocharger compared to natural inspiration easier to reduce emissions, especially the unit of carbon dioxide emissions. This is why the European depot have to increase efforts to develop turbocharged engine reasons.

Third, fuel-efficient, mainly small-displacement turbocharged engine can output higher than the natural aspiration engine with the same level of power, disguised to save fuel consumption.

Turbocharged engine shortcomings (ie, natural suction engine advantages)

First, the technology is not mature, poor stability. Turbocharged engine from beginning to end there is turbo hysteresis this type of power system Mishap, when the throttle stepped down there will be a delay, because the exhaust turbocharger needs the engine exhaust drive, when you step down the throttle turbocharger And did not immediately improve the efficiency, to wait for more than two seconds will react. The naturally aspirated engine is easier to do, and because of simple structure, uniform torque distribution, linear speed and other reasons, in the ride comfort, durability, stability, safety than turbocharged engine more advantages.

Second, the price is expensive, because the same level of turbocharged engine than the naturally aspirated engine power to a little higher, coupled with turbocharged engine technology is not very mature, resulting in a turbocharged engine than the naturally aspirated engine The car is more expensive.

Third, low life, turbocharged engine work by the pressure and temperature, its internal will have varying degrees of impact, long-term accumulation will result in reduced engine life, and start and stop when the need for a certain degree of cooling and Lubrication, compared to the natural suction engine life is much longer.

In general, the two engines now have their own advantages and disadvantages, but with the turbocharged engine technology is growing, has gradually become the mainstream of automotive assembly.